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1 x AR500 Armor® Blunt Force Trauma Pad - 6" x 8" + $0.00. 1 x AR500 Armor® Blunt Force Trauma Pad - 11" x 15" + $27.00. 1 x AR500 Armor® Blunt Force Trauma Pad - 9" x 9" + $12.00. 1 x AR500 Armor® Blunt Force Trauma Pad For Abdominal Area-9.5" x 6" + $2.00. * Required Fields. Summary.

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Body Armor & Plates - Second Chance Vest

Up for sell is a gently used Second Chance level 3a vest size XL. Also include is a 5x8" trauma plate level 2 protection. And an extra carrier.The front panel is 25x17 and back panel is 20x17 for a total waist of 45" The front panel measures 14.5" from neck scoop to bottom if vest and the back is 16.75" from center top to bottom.

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All AR500 / AR600 Level 3 plus steel core body armor plates and plate carriers are warrantied for life. If you're shot while wearing the plate carrier and trauma pad, we will replace the plate carrier, plates, and trauma pad free of charge. (POLICE REPORT REQUIRED) NO LEAD TIMES *Important: No Body Armor can be sold or shipped to Connecticut

Body Armor & Plates - Blunt Trauma

This trauma plate inserts into the front pocket of the carrier to adsorb and disperse trauma. Constructed with steel. This plate will also protect from sharp objects such as kinves! Measures: 8 x 10 Thickness: 07 2 inches Weigh: 1.3 lbs This is a standard size trauma plate and will fit most vests.

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SPARTAN ARMOR SYSTEMS ® "SPARTAN" SHOOTERS CUT PLATE CARRIER. Product Overview. The Spartan Armor Systems ® "Spartan" Plate Carrier is true to its name: sleek, minimalist, and highly capable on the battlefield. Designed to be lightweight, agile, and to enable the wearer to rapidly engage, the Spartan Armor Systems ® "Spartan" Shooters Cut Plate Carrier is designed for use with our ...

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The bundle comes with our Cromwell plate carrier, two curved Ironside Rifle Plates, and two Trauma Pads. Together, they make for an effective yet low-cost system capable of protecting you against many rifle threats. The Carrier. The heart of this package is the Ironside Cromwell™ plate carrier.

C1 Concealment Carrier - Covert Armor International LLC.

Complete with a built-in 5″x8″ trauma plate pocket to allow for a hard or soft trauma plate the C1 carrier system is an economical choice for your concealable body armor system. Features: High performance moisture-wicking body side material and non-stretch athletic mesh exterior.

Trauma Plate Level IIIA+S1+K1 | PRE Labs Inc.

Trauma Plate Features. Independently tested to NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA and NIJ Standard 0115.00 Spike 1 + Knife 1; Constructed of advanced UHMWPE materials which are processed to create a lighter, thinner, high performing plate; User-friendly design fits to the contours of the body for maximum protection and comfort; Rugged and reliable

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Made from 500-denier Cordura, the DCS tactical plate carrier vest is a perfect match for holding our 10" x12" Shooter's Cut steel core or ceramic body armor, both of which are available in protection levels of III and III+. You might also enjoy our MOPC Condor Plate Carrier. The Condor MOPC Plate Carrier …

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Trauma Pads for Body Armor (Set of 2) Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. $ 31.95. Non-Newtonian foam absorbs the energy transfer when a round hits the body armor plate keeping you in the fight. This is the same stuff you see in motorcycle protective gear. Tacticon body armor trauma …

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Body Armor and Ballistic Protection. Body armor is a type of protective clothing designed to deflect or absorb projectile attacks. While ballistic protection from firearm ammo is the primary use for body armor, the level of protection extends to absorbing stab impact from knives and from items being thrown in the direction of the wearer.

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From. $129.99. Protech Tactical 2113MC-3 Multi Hit LVL III Rifle Plate. PRT-PLT.3P.SC. $499.99. Protech Hardwire Level 3 Ballistic Plate. PRT-PLT.HWSC. $650.99. Protech NIJ Standalone Level IV Armor Piercing Rifle Plate.

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The complete AVS system comprises a harness, a set of trauma plate pouches, a 1000 Cordura backpack, a detachable chest rig, padded yokes and shoulder covers, a low-profile belt, optional side armor carriers, various cummerbunds, and magazine pouches.

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Trauma Pads are non-ballistic pieces of padding worn behind the tactical plate carrier vest. Trauma pads are used to lessen the effects of blunt force trauma from back-face deformation that results when a bullet strikes the body armor plates held within the vest. Medical Kits are small, compact first aid kits designed for emergency field use.

Point Blank Body Armor Steel 5"x8" ballistic trauma plate ...

Point Blank Body Armor Steel 5"x8" ballistic trauma plate. Great Condition. Black. Great for carriers or ballistic panels that have trauma plate pouch pocket, backpacks, air soft, paintball. Ships to lower 48 United States Only.

Body Armor & Plates - Trauma Insert

Retail on this set is $699.95. You get free shipping. New custom fit armor for Condor Modular Operator Plate carrier fit like a glove. 4 piece set of inserts( MOPC carrier shown in picture is NOT included) Made of Dupont Kevlar KM2 plus with waterproof finish and Goldflex with Kevlar for better ballistics and less blunt trauma.


NYLON VEST Fully scalable and modular, the Prime Plate Carrier offers outstanding versatility and mission-ready adaptability. Go from low-vis slick to a tactical loadout with our Gear Set™ attachments, our Flex Hook Adapters (56480) or any hook and loop attachment. Adjustable shoulder straps are low-profile and can be adjusted on the go.

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MFPC (Multi Format Plate Carrier) Price. $ 199.99 – $ 229.99 VIEW DETAILS.

Trauma Pads | Non-Ballistic Extreme Impact | Caliber Armor

This style trauma pad will fit behind our AR550 Level III+ body armor in 10×12, in 11×14, please choose the Shooters Cut Style CLICK HERE. Looking for side plate trauma pads? We have …

Trauma Plates | Body Armor | Galls

Trauma Plates. Galls is here to keep you safe in high-risk situations that expose you to the threat of blunt trauma or bullet impact. Trauma plates come in several options, including steel construction for a hard shock plate, steel-polymer combination or …

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Trauma Pad Set of Two - 10x12. $77.18. Add To Cart. Compare. 4.9 star rating. 314 Reviews. Trauma Pad Set of Two - 11x14. $88.20. Add To Cart.

AR500 Trauma Pad | LA Police Gear

The AR500 Armor Trauma Pad is designed to be worn in conjunction with our Level III Hard and Level IIIA Carbon Nanotube Soft Body Armor (behind the armor and closest towards your body). The non-Newtonian portion of our Blunt Force Trauma Pad instantly hardens upon impact, decreasing back face deformation and energy transfer.

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Body Armor Plate Carriers. A high-quality set of body armor packages can save your life in dire situations. Establishing a balance between both defense and attack is the key to success on the battlefield. If you want to step your battlefield experience up, you need to purchase the best plate carrier …

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Shield Trauma Kit. $ 91.00. Advanced Vehicle Trauma Kit. $ 211.00. Deployment Trauma Kit 2. $ 178.00. Deployment Trauma Kit 2 - Bundle. from $ 227.00. Split Kit - Terra.

AR500 Omega Armor Plate Carrier | Beez Combat Systems

As you can see the AR500 Omega Armor plate carrier holds these plates like a glove and is very low profile. We have a couple different plate carriers in the works to support the AR500 Omega Armor trauma plates. This is our molle version of the AR500 Omega Armor plate carrier. There is plenty of molle real estate to attach pouches.

Constitution Rifle Plates & Trauma Pads Package | Ironside

Constitution Rifle Plates & Trauma Pads Package. SKU. constitution-plates-tp-package. Regular Price $255.00 Price as Configured $199.00. If you are looking for a simple-yet-robust plate carrier with a cummerbund and enough PALS real estate to carry all your gear, then the Ironside™ Constitution™ plate carrier bundle is just what you're ...

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Welcome to AR500 Armor® of the Armored Republic. We make Tools of Liberty for the defense of every free man's God-given rights: Arm yourself with body armor and a plate carrier of your choosing; . b uild your setup with tactical accessories to have close-at-hand on the carrier…

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active shooter steel plate carrier. two-in-one plate carrier. frk 360 plate carrier. frk 720 plate carrier. frk 1080 plate carrier. pack rack. tactical vests. dragon fire. operator gen 2. iq3. k-9 vest. more tactical vests. federal. fas-uc. fas-cp. fas-tc. corrections carriers. advanced crowd control suit. cell extraction vest. thrustguard.

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Plate Carrier vest that holds Front and Back Armor Plates. Price: $95.00. 0 review(s) Armor Advantage "Brush Metal Titanium" Trauma Plate ... Armor Advantage "Brush Metal Copper" Trauma Plate "Brush Metal" by Armor Advantage, NIJ Level III-A, Multiple Impact Resistant. Price: $120.00. 0 review(s)

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Added protection is something any body armor wearer welcomes and would like to hear from their command. When it comes to being issued anything that will enhance their odds at survival out in the battlefield or the streets, the soft or hard trauma plate, also often know as a ballistic plate or body armor plate…

AR500 Armor Curved Trauma Plate - Advanced Shooters Cut ...

Our ballistic plate core is stress fracture resistant, features an ultra-low profile of only .25", and is designed to handle extreme abuse in day to day use, training, and less than ideal storage conditions. AR500 Armor® body armor will outlast alternative armor solutions such as Ceramic, Dyneema, UHMWPE, and raw/uncoated steel trauma plates.

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1 x AR Concealment Plate Carrier - Black Medium + $0.00. 1 x AR Concealment Plate Carrier - Black Large + $0.00. 1 x AR Concealment Plate Carrier ... 2 x AR500 Armor® Blunt Force Trauma Pad - 11" x 14" + $45.00 * Required Fields. Summary. In stock. $99.00. Qty. Add to Cart.

Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor Level III | Ballistic …

These plate carriers, along with most options we carry, will hold your Omega AR500 Body Armor Plates or any of our other premium body armor plates. With any of our body armor systems, we highly recommended wearing trauma pads behind your body armor plates. Trauma …

Micro Trauma Kit NOW! Every Day Carry Tactical IFAK Kit

The Micro Trauma Kit NOW! The Micro Trauma Kit NOW!, or Micro TKN, is the smallest version of the Trauma Kit NOW! for every day carry. It is designed to hold essential lifesaving medical supplies on a belt. The Micro TKN was designed as an Every Day Carry trauma kit for law enforcement professionals, prepared citizens, or hunters.

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5x8 Soft Trauma Plate Bullet Proof Body Armor Ballistic Vest . $22.00. Only 2 left. XL/Long IIIA Lo-Vis Concealable Body Armor Carrier BulletProof Vest with Inserts. $238.00. ... New Plate Carrier Tactical Vest Free Made With Kevlar Plates 3a Inserts Panels. $213.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. 6 watching. SECOND CHANCE VEST CARRIER. $0.99. 0 ...

Best Plate Carrier Accessories & Attachments [2021 ]

The Plate Carrier – The Bullet Proof Vest; A soldier plate carrier is a lightweight bulletproof vest (weight mostly depends on the plates), have quick access to the essentials and quick release. It must be intelligently and sophisticatedly designed to meet the severity of the job demands, like speed, mobility, accessibility to the magazines, communication, hydration etc.

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There's also the assumption that a given plate carrier would have sufficient space for rifle plates and IIIA. Not all carriers are the same, and some are awfully snug just fitting a rifle plate and matching trauma pad.